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    I found this article by Phil Johnson on IT World describing 10 “Superbugs”, basically ten software bugs that for a number of different reasons took years to have fixed.

    It got me thinking. Have you ever come across a software bug that for some reason was ignored, or went undetected for a long time? Does this happen often?I can’t imagine anyone would come across a bug that would beat the 37 year old OpenBSD’s head bug?

    Now that would be hard to beat!



    As we have an accountancy engine we touch most if not all parts of the system on a regular basis. This means that often bugs that have some sort of work around get left behind.

    It is a trade off of cost to fix, time the workaround takes and the quality of the system. It is a shame but cannot be avoided. Who knows if there are any lurking covered up my small bugs currently?

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