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    Hey All,

    Will you like to share your views about current and future trends in testing of technologies and processes in Digital Transformation, Blockchain, IoT, AI and Big Data…




    @advait May be you can post your suggestion inside this Forum post.

    Please have a look at Resource section of this forum there are lots of resources (blog, webinar etc.) available related to all thses trends e.g iOT, Big Data etc.


    Testing trends for future technology mainly include the newly introduced practices in software testing. Trends like adopting newer test automation tools, practices and DevOps are found to be usually followed, which in turn has resulted to increase in automation being performed on various web applications. Similarly, there are lot of things which can be discussed long such as emerging mobile test automation, Integration of tools with various environments and ALM toolsets, etc. These things will gonna surely be the part of future trends in software testing.

    You can check out this blog to know these terms in depth with the examples: Technological trends in software testing in 2018

    Munish Sharma



    I think there are lot of great developments happening the testing space one of which is AI based testing. I am currently working in the same space and can see a lot of great potential. Below you will find some articles I wrote on the same topic and it relates to future trends in testing-

    How AI can Eliminate the Dev and QA Knowledge Gaps



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