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    I thought I would start a thread on software testing surveys. It seems that they are getting more and more popular.

    Each week seems to see a new survey being published. Many companies have approached using surveys to promote themselves or their product.

    That’s not to say that these surveys are not valuable. I think they are a great resource. They tell you what test methodologies different testers are using, what the average workload is like and the salary for different countries (a good indication where testing is valued highly?).

    anyway I will keep posting up testing surveys that I find here and if you come across any, feel free to add them to the list.


    The Vector Software Annual Survey Report was released recently. The survey aims to discover what the embedded software testing industry is working on/thinking about now.

    Some of the findings include:

    Continuous integration and continuous testing are concepts on everyones minds: The industry is shifting to continuous integration and testing as part of this is relevant to a lot of people in the industry.

    “Technical debt.” was a new term to many of those surveyed. The term describes latent defects introduced during system architecture, system design, or system development. 45% of respondents were “very unfamiliar” with the term.

    Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a major aspect to think about for the sector in the future.

    Respondents are most interested in regression and system testing; code coverage; automated C, C++, Ada dynamic/unit testing; and automatic test case generation.

    You can read the full survey here


    QA symphonies conducted a survey recently on Test First Methodologies. The results released recently, were rather surprising. They included the fact that:

    38% of respondents said they would shift to a Test-First approach this year, and another 25% of testing practitioners said it would happen within the next three years

    The survey looked at the wider implications of how test-first methodologies are starting to become more popular in dev environments.

    You can read the full survey here.


    Another one to add to the list: Techwell have just released their 2015–2016 State of the Software Testing Profession.

    There are some interesting results from the survey including the fact that most respondents think that testing is definitely dead.


    You can download the survey here


    Applied Systems recently released Modern State of Test Automation 2016 Report. The survey provides insights into the latest test automation challenges, trends, approaches and methodologies utilized to develop automated tests.

    Here’s an interesting takeaway.

    It turns out that there are still manual operations in automated software testing. Top-3 operations performed manually include submitting bugs (70.5%), closing them in the bug tracking system (59.5%) and launching automated tests (44.9%).

    You can download the full survey here.


    The 2017 State of Testing is live!


    The largest worldwide testing survey is hosted annually on this QA Intelligence Blog and in collaboration with TeaTime with Testers


    Found a just published survey commissioned by CA Technologies on DevOps and Agile Processes in Software Testing.

    Some interesting results from the survey of over 1,000 IT professionals.

    The benefits of Agile included 42% improvement in speed to market

    88% of Respondents Believe DevOps and Agile is “critical” to digital transformation

    You can find the survey here:


    The Tricentis Software Fail watch is a quarterly review of when software went wrong. It monitors large scale software failures and estimates the impact of these failures on companies, their assets and people using the software.

    They have some interesting facts from 2016: 48 recorded software fails, impacting 4.4 billion people and over $1.1 trillion in assets.

    You can read more and get the software Fail Report here.


    Another report on Testing in 2016.

    This report claims worldwide impact and draws on views from a number of different fields in testing.

    Some of the interesting results include:


    • Automation Increasing: The study found an 85% increase in Test Automation over a two-year period across all industry domains. This growth is fueled by easily accessible Open Source tools in the market today.
    • Web applications dominate performance testing: With increasing digitization of businesses, Web Applications dominate amongst the platforms that require performance testing – nearly 73% of all performance testing comprises of the testing of web applications.
    • Increasing focus on Quality Engineering: Software testing is increasingly moving from defect detection to defect prevention. Consequently, 66% of organisations currently use Software Developers in Test (SDET) in conjunction with traditional testers on all projects,

    Find the full report here


    Came across this interesting report on the State of Agile. It is conducted by VersionOne and has some very interesting results in it.

    This table on the reasons why company adopt Agile is quite interesting.

    You can read the full 2016 report here

    The 2017 data gathering is currently taking place. You can reply to the survey here.

    Reasons for Adopting AGile VersionOne report

    The results are very interesting. Product delivery as the main reason for changing over makes sense. I was surprised to see adoption of Agile used to improve team morale. Have you experienced that?



    Another survey worth checking out,

    This survey looks as testing as a whole in the UK.

    One interesting fact from the survey was that 40% of testers time was spent actual testing of their role as a whole.

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