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    Hello there,

    We have a project that is being delivered on the agile methodology. The project is also applying test automation.

    The vendor suggested away to manage the test data, but we are not comfortable with his suggestion, and I seek the testing community advice on this subject.

    The vendor is suggesting to use Delphix tool for test data management. The tool provides different capabilities such as refresh, rewind, bookmark, and branch test data as a self service where tester or pipeline can call APIs to do the required job. The procedure for preparing the data happen as follows.

    1. Get virtual data from a source (production data)

    2. Testers prepare the missing data, either through the application or DML script.

    3. Get a bookmark on this data state and give it a name or a tag.


    To use the above data in the automation.

    1. Tester or the automation pipeline calls the bookmarked data. (rewind)

    2. Run the automation test.

    3. Create another bookmark, “after the test.”

    4. Repeat.


    Following the above approach, the automation should not worry about getting test data before each run, calculating the expected results, etc.

    Also, regression automation can be run multiple times.

    What worries us that since the data is statice and same test data is being applied on the regression,

    1. detecting missed scenarios or particular test won’t be possible.

    2. running the automation on multiple environments that do not have Delphix won’t work.

    3. The data will get aged. After a year, the system will still use the same data as if the system data were last year.

    4. Most of the validation on the automation script is fixed to specific data, so if there is a case (calculate the interest that gets increased by time won’t be possible as always, my data is fixed (i.e., five months interest).

    Please advise us on the best way to handle the test data preparation with the automation. If you have used Delphix in your testing, do you recommend it?

    What are the lessons learned and advice?

    Are our concerns valid?


    Best Regards,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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