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    Hi there,


    This my first post to this forum, and I am very confident of the community to help me address a significant issue that we are facing in my organization.


    We have contracted with a service implementor to transform the organization system to a new system with newer technologies. The project is being delivered in agile methodology. Last month we had release one small feature to test out suggested architecture and technologies and a small feature that is proactively registering customers relying on integration with a third party replacing the older version of online registration and batch processing. However, after the release, we have encountered a lot of leaked defects on production. I know there is a lot to analyze and to learn from. However, there is something obvious, which is the quality of the vendor deliverables and team. One thing to do immediately is to add contractual terms or amendments to set an allowed tolerance for the defect leakage ratio, which should not pass a specific percentage (i.e., 2% defect leakage; the number of defects found on production/number of test cases).


    Would you please help me by suggesting other matrices to be applied to the vendor to address his quality. Also, what would you recommend to govern the quality of the vendor in terms of contact?


    Best regards,




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