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    Which strategical changes are required by QA in order keep up with DevOps emerging nowadays ?


    I feel that the person who is going become a DevOps should have a clear understanding of Servers, Deployment, Databases, Monitoring, Log management. So the qualities of Backend Dev + System Admin would make a best fit to become a DevOps.


    thanks for sharing this information

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    DEVOPS is all about implementing Standards towards continues integration. The DEVOPS resource should be a curious QA and should have the implemented knowledge on Devops tools. Devops in a different dimension, is all about bringing Automation with a series of changes defined as CI.


    Critical skills every DevOps Engineer Needs

    Containers have come to the forefront of technology, making them one of the most desirable assets for a engineer to have on a resume. …

    • Sys Admin
    • Fluency in Web Languages.
    • Continuous Integration Tools.
    • Technical and Humanized Problem Solving

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