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    Do any of you have your own successful ways of testing which is non traditional?


    non-traditional in what sense…

    The business domain?

    The testing activities (scripted, exploratory)?

    The project method (agile, GxP, v-model, safe)?

    The tools and technologies?


    I can put it this way “non-traditional ways of testing”. But if you know of something that could help a testing community in any of the topics you mentioned, you are welcome to share your experience and thoughts.

    With the above question, I wanted to know if there are any “non-conventional testing methods” that help to reach the goal better than the conventional ones.



    For some the traditional way to do testing is by test cases and test planning documents of ISTQB. While non-traditional – in that context – would be mind-maps and no explicit test cases at more towards following the Rapid Software Testing . mind-maps and exploratory tests added to agile is for others the current traditional testing – ie this is the way we have always done testing. To them non-traditional testing would be more like the modern testing principles. So three very different methodologies to address testing, all of them valid in some context (Danish public projects uses ISTQB, eBay.com uses RST, Unity uses MT). Again what do you consider non-conventional?

    Currently to me the challenges of “operational transition testing” and “operations and infrastructure” requires some non-traditional approaches of me, as these are not as such /software/ testing projects. I have given 2 talks on the operations topic, that is current affairs to me, but not typical to most. (https://jlottosen.wordpress.com/2017/10/23/ukstar2018teaser/)

    blog posts: on varius contexts https://jlottosen.wordpress.com/2017/05/24/testing-across-the-it-landscape/  and https://jlottosen.wordpress.com/2016/10/04/less-software-more-testing/


    /Jesper, forum moderator since 2015ish, online community member since 2010 😉


    Thanks for your comment and providing three different context based on three different groups. Its like all the concepts and strategies that are being followed would fall under in any of the three categories (ISTQB or Rapid Software Testing or Modern Testing Principles). Again for me if it is to be non-conventional, it should help to solve a problem at hand (in the context of software/testing projects) but at the same time it should not be followed by a famous organisation or different organisations.

    Congrats for those two talks. I cannot comment about “operations and infrastructure” due to lack of experience on that area. But it might be interesting read for our forum members.

    Can you please fix this link (https://ukstar.eurostarsoftwaretesting.com/submission/experiences-in-testing-infrastructure-projects/) as it leads to 404 page.


    Darwin – Forum moderator as well 😛


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