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    Ronan Healy

    If you are involved in the development of software for end users, is there any circumstance that you shouldn’t do any user-acceptance testing? What reasons would you suggest for not doing user-acceptance testing or would you always have it as part of the testing process?


    There can be situations where user acceptance testing is not needed. For instance, if you software that is being released is already a standard software that has little risk of failure


    big fat “it depends”.
    Standard software packages? oh they can have a huge risk of failure too. I now lot’s of examples from Outlook and Facebook of “COTS” with bad quality. I could easily imagine small calculation erros in excel having a big business impact. Too many business rely on Excel…

    All the teams running CI and CD and Devops – they don’t do user acceptance test, but take the problems that UAT addresses and builds it in early using 3 amigos, MVP and small experiments that can be easily rolled back. Some would say that UAT is a element of waterfall v-model slowly dying out.

    But it has it’s uses in large enterprises and public solutions with a large user base requireing traing in the it systems that suports their business processes. I see the business ppl doing this – not the testers. (more here:

    sneha shinde

    User Acceptance testing (UAT) is the last stage of the software testing process or the test planning process. Amidst UAT, real software users test the product to ensure it can deal with required tasks in real situations, as indicated by specifications.Give us a chance to put this idea to test. UAT resembles User Acceptance Testing. We comprehend what testing is, acceptance implies agreement or approval. [link removed /mod jo]

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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