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    Just came across a term “Mutation testing” on one of the forums i.e. an effective way to verify the test cases quality.

    Would be interesting to know how many of us do use this sort of testing in practice.


    Mutation testing is white box testing and mostly done by developers. I do not think many testers would have this kind of access and understanding of code to do mutation testing.


    Mutation testing is a white box testing, The testing is feasible at system, unit and integration levels of software development. One of the essential objectives of white box testing is to check a working stream for an application. It includes testing a progression of pre-decided inputs against expected outputs so that when a particular input does not bring about the expected yield.

    White Box Testing types:

    Unit testing

    Penetration testing



    @abhilashawaghm11 please avoid pasting your text from office documents into the content field.

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