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    We all know what to expect when we start testing our new App.
    But do we really pay attention to the general effect it has on the device?
    For example, how do we monitor its memory usage: at the background, during usage etc.
    Do we pay attention to its CPU consumption in different situations?
    How is the battery level affected by the App?
    And another million scenarios I can think of….

    What do you think is the biggest “pain” mobile testing is facing today?
    What is still missing to get the full picture when we start testing our new App?


    As you said testers often test just the functionality of the app. They tend to forget or rather choose not to test how the app behaves when interrupted, or from the memory or hardware perspective.

    Mobile app testing is very different than web appliation/ software testing. There are so many external factors that need to be taken into considersation. You can check the below links which talk about these factors.


    Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Application Testing

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