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    Domain Knowledge is a vital part in any field of IT whether it is Business Analytics, Database Testing or software testing and QA. As IT is well-known in all domains or fields and the functions of IT is diverse in various domain.

    Thus the vast majority of the clients/organizations dependably search for boosting their software testing procedures for better outcomes; hence they will be mainly concerned to the highly knowledgeable testers about their domain so they can enhance the value of their software. Therefore one of the key variables for any achievement is adding software Domain knowledge to the Product or Project.

    Domain knowledge for software engineers is vital in software testing methodologies as the tester who has domain skills can test the software architecture better than others. The domain knowledge in software testing plays a critical part as one of the S/W testing theories says “Testing is Environment Driven” that means the testing executed in healthcare domain is not same as insurance domain testing process.

    Benefits of Domain Knowledge in Software Testing:
    * Diminish the Training Period: A tester can become more creative than a tester who has zero knowledge of software testing domains. So it increases the value of software product.
    * Improves judgments on Business Procedures, Work Flows: It will assist a tester in improved manner to understanding the best testing techniques as per client needs.
    * Improves Judgments on User Interface Features: It will also assist the tester in improving their judgments for getting more bugs at the starting stage itself on User Interface.
    * Phrasing: coverage in the language of the business, bringing about great compatibility with the client needs.
    * Improve Judgments on Back end Processing: how viably/proficiently the information/code is taken care.
    * Domain knowledge for testers is also important for classification of defects: Knowing how the application will probably be utilized and how it is relied upon to perform, will tell QA tester whether a given defect is minor, huge, or basic.


    I believe that it is very important for a tester to have domain knowledge. Unless you have have the domain knowledge, it is difficult to understand and use (test) the AUT from on end user point of view.


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    Sometimes the best tester is the domain expert, other times the testing is done by people given domain knowledge. I have met people with 40 years experience in a system – can you test better than them, no. Could they tell you or developers about some of their knowledge – probably, but only to a degree.


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    It is necessary to have domain knowledge , without domain knowledge how can it possible to test the software and in IT field it is must to have domain knowledge for performing actions and to getting the jobs. you can also check here some details about the testing

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