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    Hi all,

    How much time do you spend familiarising yourself with a piece of software before writing an automated regression pack to cover the basic checks against each build? (Or any other depth of automated testing/checking!)


    Is there anything you would always recommend doing before writing your first line of code?




    I would recommend that you should first get yourself familiar with the basic functionalities of that software using any of the available resources i.e. User Manual, Interface definition etc.it might be time consuming but its always worth.

    Then try writing some basic Manual test for each functionality before gradually shifting them to Automated Ones,


    Here is an article on the best practices to follow that may help. You can read it here




    Thanks for the reply on this, I definitely agree that the more you know about the software, the better you will be able to target your automation to its needs. I was nervous I didn’t have enough experience in the software before starting a recent automated testing solution, but fortunately things seem to be going well so far!


    Here is an article on the best practices to follow that may help. You can read it here

    Thanks. This seems like a good set of checkpoints to go through before doing something. It’s in my bookmarks now!


    @chrishobbs Nice to hear.
    Feel free to use this forum to report any quires and please do visit Resources section which contain lots of useful material.

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