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    To get a job in Software Testing how much of Selenium Webdriver should anyone know?


    There are lots of articles related to Selenium web driver inside the Resources and blog section which may help you get a better idea or help to improve your knowledge related to this topic.


    For just getting a job, you can simply learn the most common interview questions that are available in plenty. For example, check this site

    But, if you want to really learn selenium, you should have a good hold on at least one programming language to start with. And there are plenty of tutorials available.  You can also check the resources section as pointed out by Tassawer earlier


    or none at all.

    If you want to test on desktop programs – a lot of business still rely on this.. through a citrix connection.



    Hmmm and what methods do you use?


    Hmmm and what methods do you use?

    @nathanluise Please elaborate: what methods for using selenium or learning selenium or something else?


    It depends on job and company. You may need no Selenium knowledge at all, if the company does not require it from its testers.

    If the company says applicant needs some knowledge of Selenium, most probably they may need him, first, to know some actions Selenium can do. I used Robot Framework Selenium 2 library list of actions as my guide a few years ago. It is a wrapper for many Webdriver actions. Knowledge of locators (name, id , css, xpath) is also required. This topic may be practiced with developer tools of modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox), to start you need a tutorial like this one,  explaining what to do in Chrome to try you locators — this helps to see what you do, not just read bare theory. You also may use some tutorial on particular type of locators, like CSS Diner. One better also have some practice with Selenium and real programming language or framework (Python, Java). Python tutorials are not hard, but you need to install Webdriver support first.

    If applicant goes for automation position, most probably both good  Selenium and programming language knowledge are required.


    It would certainly depend on the type and details of the job. If the profile is related to testing web applications, then Selenium webdriver skills will be required. In that case, apart from Selenium, one needs knowledge of either Java or Python. Selenium works with either one of these programming languages to write test cases/scripts. Hence, the interviewer would pull you put on both Selenium and the programming front. If you choose Selenium with Java, then you may get asked something like – selenium interview questions. So, you should be comfortable in Java, creating projects using Selenium libraries.

    However, many companies may not prefer to use Selenium at all, those mostly using Microsoft technologies. They might be using tools like CodedUI or UFT/QTP.


    CodedUI is no longer supported by Microsoft. They refer to Appium.

    UFT is a legacy solution, that requires quite some knowledge.


    Thanks @Jasper for this update. After seeing your message, I refereed MS for their support of CodedUI.

    And yes, they mentioned VS 2019 will be the last version supporting it. Interestingly, it is Selenium what they now are recommending for testing web apps 🙂

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