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    Have you come across team members who simply don’t do their job?

    Like passing test cases without testing or not reporting defects found and so on.

    How do deal with them?


    I am facing the same issues I have to work with another tester but she never takes responsibility for doing things by herself. I always have to take the whole burden on my shoulder which makes me more angry while working with developers because whole things i need to manage . I don’t want to take any action against her but its really bad. If anyone can suggest something 🙂


    While you don’t want to take any action against her, think about this from other points of view. I wonder why she has this position over you.

    If nobody does anything about this (consciously), chances are really low for the situation to change in any meaningful way.

    Discuss with her about it. If you want to put your own effort to this, you will try to find out why she is like this and how to change that. If you are not very good in that, raise it up with the team. If nothing changes, it’s time to escalate further to her manager. This is good to be done with the team, in case you are afraid to be marked as the complainer or whatever is your reason for not already doing this.

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