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    Briefly Explain the process of crowdsourced testing and its benefits towards Mobile App testing


    Crowdsourced Testing for Mobile Application: This type of testing is very much beneficial for mobile apps especially if they are more user-centric i.e software whose success is determine by the user feedback and diverse user space. These are basically social networking, e commerce etc  apps whose target is to get maximum users.

    The core testing team may or may not have all the resources to test the application in different hardware, internet bandwidth, location etc.

    It is much more cost effective as Product Company pays for valid bugs reported only.  Usually time to test the application is less so it leads better productivity and cheaper than hiring engineers and testers. Here, I can say that, it is the right choice, respective to the these situations.

    Testers that are performing this testing are unbiased and true condition of the application comes after the testing is performed.

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    Munish Sharma

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