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    I thought it might be a nice idea for the TEST Huddle community to share experiences and ideas on the resources we have available in the community.

    I know that if I am reading a book or ebook, I always keen to discuss it with someone. So the idea for this thread was born. We can update it monthly for everyone to share their thoughts on the latest eBook to be featured on TEST Huddle.

    We might let this discussion go for a few weeks and if it is popular, try another eBook.

    Seeing as it was released last month (which means you might have read it already) and it was very popular, I thought I would start with Rikard Edgren’s ebook on Teaching Testing.

    Have you read it> If so, what did you think? Do you think it’s a good demonstration of how testing can be taught? Should we approach teaching testing another way?

    I’d love to hear your own thoughts

    If you haven’t read the eBook, you can do so here.

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