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    Oyekunle Bamigboye

    I’m new here. I would love to learn from people’s experience on Crowdsourced testing. and localization testing.


    I have tried my hand at Crowdsourced testing but I didn’t quite like it.

    While from the company point of view, it may be cost effective, but it has quite a few disadvantages, especially from the tester point of view. I have interacted with other testers and they too are of the same opinion:

    – There is no ownership of testing

    – You are working in an environment where you have to beat other testers to find defects (in order to get paid). This impacts the way you test.

    – Many times you may not be paid equivalent to the time and efforts you have spent

    – It is very likely that some parts are not tested at all, so test coverage can also be an issue

    As a tester, I prefer outsourced testing to crowdsourced testing

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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