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    What are the metrics to ensure the continuing value of our automation?


    Do you really need metrics for that?
    When clients request some feature, they don’t have to provide metrics or even to think about them. They need it because it may bring them X or save time on Y.
    Testing is about learning and finding information. Automation results are like indicators informing you. Gas tank indicator does not add value to the car, you can travel the same distance without it, but it informs you how much gas do you have and may help you to not get in trouble. Performance testing informs you how much customers your e-shop can serve simultaneously, but it won’t bring you a single customer on its own.

    So my take is that if you don’t need indicator on something or that particular indication does not justify the cost of acquiring it, than you need not automation there. It’s not about value. It’s about which things you need to keep indicators on.

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