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    I’m having three applications

    1st application Developed using C++ and have a gui menus 2nd appication- Developed web application 3rd application – Java swing application

    Need to modify few configuration after login into the above application
    Need to run few SQL queries on DB which is being used by the application
    Which tool would be the best tool to automate ? if no tool is available, how to automate this

    How to comeup with a code or tool which executes different operations in different application with one click ???



    It’s not exactly clear what you mean but “modify few configuration”, but I think the task in general is possible.

    – Don’t look for one tool. Different tools can do different jobs and be called by other code (shell scripts)
    – I’d do visual part using SikuliX , visual automation tool, Python-based, does not require deep knowledge of Python. SikuliX site: http://sikulix.com/  , SikuliX support forum: https://answers.launchpad.net/sikuli

    – As for the DB part, I’d look for some Python SQL library, but, unfortunately, at present I only know that they definitely exist, but no details.

    – Now as for “one click” part, for that I write shell scripts, which can run SikuliX or Python scripts one by one. SikuliX has command for that, and Python scripts are natural friends of command line.

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