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    For a desktop based application with SOA architecture, which automation (API or GUI) approach would be most suitable when you would like to use the automation solely to automate functional scenarios.

    What would be your opinion about this ??



    • In terms of you personal “kung fu” you don’t want to be “one-trick pony”. Never.
    • Different tools for different purposes, not the “one and only tool”.
    • As application is desktop one, the GUI looks like obvious answer, as you don’t ship API, you ship GUI.
    • But GUI tests are slower. If something is wrong or changed with API, running GUI tests is waste of time. So most probably you can use API tests as sort of “early warning system” or “smoke test”. I’d like to request such wherever GUI functionality depends on API, as it is frustrating to do a few actions and then found that something does not work because of changed API.



    That’s general principle: if you can setup some system which does for you “smoke” / “early warning” to prevent you form wasting time working on something having critical flaws before they are fixed, you want to have it (providing you can get it quickly and spending reasonable time / effort / money .

    Vinay Rathod

    Hey guys,

    I have done the API testing through postman where I particularly tested the APIs.

    Now, I want to do an API integration testing on mobile app where I want to ensure that developer has integrated the API correctly or not.

    Basically, this is ‘one app more games’ app where devs integrate the APIs in every game. So I want to know how I should start and where should I start testing of this API integration. Can anybody help?


    Hi @vinay-rathod, you are welcome to post your comments in this thread if it is related to the topic of discussion.

    As your question is not related to this thread, I advise you to start a new topic in “Software Testing Discussions” channel by following the flow: FORUMS (Navigation menu) > Software Testing Discussions > Scroll to the bottom > Write your topic title & post your question > Click on Submit.



    For Automating desktop applications that are based on SOA architecture in my opinion UFT(previously known as QTP) is great solution to testing functional and regression testing. UFT supports Desktop and Web based application very well. Scripting language i.e VB script is very light language which is also easy to learn and implement. UFT offers wide range of Add-ins which supports almost all type of applications like Java, .net, Delphi, SAP, WPF and many more. Record and play feature saves lot of time for regression testing by just recording the script and saving it and run anytime. Also UFT offers various features like Unique Smart Object Identification, Error handling mechanism, parameters, checkpoints, outputs etc.

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    Munish Sharma

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