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    I would like to do domain testing on API. It would be great to hear your opinions for setting up the process for integration testing 🙂


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    Hey guys,

    I have done the API testing through postman where I particularly tested the APIs.

    Now, I want to do an API integration testing on mobile app where I want to ensure that developer has integrated the API correctly or not.

    Basically, this is ‘one app more games’ app where devs integrate the APIs in every game. So I want to know how I should start and where should I start testing of this API integration. Can anybody help?


    Hi @vinay-rathod, I really appreciate your question. But this thread is dedicated for answers/questions/comments related to the topic “API Domain Testing” and its original question. You are welcome to post your comments in this thread if it is related to the topic of discussion.

    If not, I advise you to start a new topic in “Software Testing Discussions” channel by following the flow: FORUMS (Navigation menu) > Software Testing Discussions > Scroll to the bottom > Write your topic title & post your question > Click on Submit.


    Well, Domain Testing  basically is a type of Functional Testing which actually tests the application by giving inputs and evaluating the outputs. One of the most significant White Box Testing method is a domain testing apart it also verifies the system should not accept the inputs, conditions and indices outside the specified or valid range.

    Steps for the integration process as beneath:

    • Tasks
    • Integration Test Plan
    • Prepare
    • Review
    • Rework
    • Baseline
    • Integration Test Cases/Scripts
    • Prepare
    • Review
    • Rework
    • Baseline
    • Integration Test
    • Perform

    Execute all tests again on the target system based on platform and get the results and evaluate.

    We will always ensure about the above task to be completed appropriate and well-timed along with deliverables if any.

    Some of the tips that we should have in our mind:

    Ensure that you have a proper Detail Design document where interactions between each unit are clearly defined. In fact, you will not be able to perform Integration Testing without this information.

    Ensure that you have a robust Software Configuration Management system in place. Or else, you will have a tough time tracking the right version of each unit, especially if the number of units to be integrated is huge.

    Make sure that each unit is unit tested before you start Integration Testing.

    As far as possible, automate your tests, especially when you use the Top Down or Bottom Up approach, since regression testing, it is important each time you integrate a unit, and manual regression testing take extra hours to complete.

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