[eBook] Wish and Collaborate

This eBook contains chapter 4: ‘Wish and Collaborate‘ from the testing book ‘ATDD by Example’ by Markus Gärtner.

Here Markus will walk you step by step through deriving the right systems from business users, and then implementing fully automated, functional tests that accurately reflect business requirements, are intelligible to stakeholders, and promote more effective development.

In this eBook, Markus Gärtner also discusses how specification workshops, wishful thinking, and collaboration add so much to your overall testing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn to work closely together on the acceptance criteria & form a ubiquitous understanding in your team.
  • Starting from the business user goals, apply wishful thinking to form the API that you wished your application had.
  • Perform on a higher level even within a team new to agile development that consists of many specialists.