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eBook Info: Java for Testers

eBook Description:This eBook is designed to get testers started with Java fast!
This hands on approach is very effective at helping you develop the skills you need for the real world. Write tests which help you add value on projects and provide a foundation of Java knowledge you can build on



eBook Info: Seven Proven Ways to Ruin Your Test Automation

eBook Description: In this eBook Seretta takes a tongue-in-cheek look at how easy it is to disrupt or utterly ruin a test automation project. By describing seven proven methods to reach this end, Seretta will help managers, testers and automators how to recognise if their automation is in danger. Seretta will also give you the tools to counter and solve such issues.



eBook Info: The Risk & Test in Bitcoin

eBook Description: Testing has an opportunity to expand and make a larger contribution to risk management by testing ideas. The relationship between Bitcoin and the frontiers of computer science present an interesting example of a huge risk visible on the horizon.



eBook Info: As The World Turns; A Predictive Approach with Machine Learning

eBook Description: As the world turns, IT world has rushed to adopt agile, DevOps and newer ways to release new features to production as soon as possible. With changes becoming the norm of the day, the role of testers and the way we do testing has also changed significantly over the years.



eBook Info: An Agile Journey Towards Requirement Storytelling

eBook Description: This is the story of how we increased our quality of delivery when we stopped asking our customer for requirements they could not give us and instead started telling their story. This book also explains how our Quality journey ended up affecting our competence, our quality of delivery, our methods and our tools, which gave us a business advantage.


eBook Info: Best Paper 2018, James Christie, Facing The Dragons; Dealing with Complex and Unknowable Systems

eBook Description: Experts working with complex safety critical systems use dragons as a metaphor to represent the dangerous unknown. These systems are complex and dynamic; no-one can understand or specify these systems completely. This poses intractable problems, and the response of the safety critical community has important lessons for testers who will increasingly have to work with complex systems



eBook Info: The Selenium Guidebook, Dave Haeffner (Applitools)

eBook Description: Write tests that you and your team can trust with The Selenium Guidebook. This eBook by Dave Haeffner will help teach you the necessary pieces to use Selenium successfully for your circumstances.

eBook Info: How To Keep Your Test Automation Suite Fit, Bas Dijkstra

eBook Description: There are many ways in which test automation can get sluggish and bloated, leading to costs for maintaining and running them that far outweigh their benefits. By asking yourself the right questions, though, you can fix and even prevent a lot of this automation bloat and enjoy test automation the way it’s meant to be: fit for purpose.



eBook Info: The Watercourse Framework for Producing Software Systems, Anne Mette Hass

eBook Description: Numerous software development models have been created over the years, describing activities for each participating role independently of activities for other roles. This eBook introduces you to the Watercourse framework, that describes how different roles support each other through a project. It may be applied to everything from agile development to a classic ‘one phase at the time’ method.


eBook Info: JavaScript Execution with Selenium, Mark Collin

eBook Description: Complement Selenium with useful additions that fit seamlessly into the rich and well-crafted API that Selenium offers.



eBook Info: TMMi in the Agile Era, Drs, Erik van Veenendaal

eBook Description: This e-book introduces the reader to the TMMi model for test process Improvement. It provides a short overview of the TMMi, it’s background and structure. Subsequently it is  discussed how TMMi can be applied in an Agile context. Benefits that have been achieved with TMMi are presented. It concludes with a TMMi summary both from an expert and end-user point-of-view.


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