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A Quick Guide Book for Better Project Management and Faster IT Career

Koray’s book, Business Analysis Software Testing Usability A Quick Guide Book For Better Project Management and Faster IT Career, provides a high-level overview of the three disciplines needed to deliver better, faster IT projects: business analysis, software testing and usability, and how they fit together.

This eBook takes a closer look at chapter 8 which explores the relationship between Software test design techniques and high jump techniques.  Readers will learn the logic and the philosophy behind using software test design techniques. An interesting analogy between software test design techniques and high jump techniques will be used to illustrate the concept. Also, a case study will be analyzed in order to show how effective and efficient software testing efforts can be achieved by using the appropriate test design techniques. The chapter will open the readers’ eyes on test design techniques.

Key takeaways

  •      The logic behind using software test design techniques
  •      The importance of software test design techniques
  •      Equivalence partitioning test design technique
  •      Input combination coverage
  •      Partition combination coverage
  •      How to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of your software testing efforts?

dorothy-grahamThere are many books about topics and disciplines in Information Technology. But most books concentrate on a single area. This book is an exception – it looks at three disciplines and ties them together. Excellent idea. Congratulations to Koray for putting this book together, and also for his generosity in donating profits to schools.”
— Dorothy Graham, Best-selling Author

rex-blackKoray does a great job of using clever, insightful metaphors to illustrate concepts. He writes in an accessible, easy-to-read style. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did.
— Rex Black, Best-selling Author


lee-copelandIn his book Koray uses two phrases again and again. The first is “Quality is not tested, but built.” The other phrase is “… should first be handled as a people issue rather than a technology issue.” To those in the IT world who need an understanding of these principles, I recommend this book.
— Lee Copeland, Best-selling Author

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The Author

Koray Yitmen is the board member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) local chapter, the president of International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) local chapter, and the president of User Experience Professionals’ Association (UXPA) local chapter.


As a business partner, Koray has led many multi-national, cross-functional teams in the banking, telecommunications, insurance, media, and information technology (IT) industries for more than 15 years. Challenged by the diversity of his projects’ cultural, domain, and people issues, Koray has succeeded by putting the needs of his projects’ target users first.


In 2000, he started his career as a technology consultant at Accenture. Having worked at Accenture, he has been the business partner of Keytorc Software Testing Services, BA-Works Business Analysis Services, and UXservices UX Design Company since 2005. He has a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

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