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The book  ‘The Selenium Guidebook‘ is not a full and comprehensive treatise that outlines every possible permutation of Selenium (the open-source software test automation tool for web applications). There are other books that already do this. Instead, the goal of the book is to teach you the necessary pieces to use Selenium successfully for your circumstance.

This eBook extract looks at chapters 1-6:

  • Selenium fundamentals (what it is and is not good at)
  • How to figure what to test with 4 simple questions
  • How to pick the best programming language for you and your team
  • All the programming concepts you need to know in order to use Selenium successfully
  • The anatomy of a good acceptance test
  • How to write your first Selenium test

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The Author

Dave Haeffner (Applitools)

Dave Haeffner is the writer of Elemental Selenium — a free, once weekly Selenium tip newsletter that’s read by thousands of testing professionals. He’s also the creator and maintainer of the-internet (an open-source web app that’s perfect for writing automated tests against), and author of The Selenium Guidebook. He’s helped numerous companies successfully implement automated acceptance testing; including The Motley Fool, ManTech International, Sittercity, and Animoto. He’s also a founder/coorganizer of the Selenium Hangout and has spoken at numerous conferences and meet-ups about automated acceptance testing.

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