[Download] Appium Tips & Tricks: Mobile Application Testing Made Easy

Appium is the most widely adopted mobile test automation tool. The community support has been vibrant, however, there is a lack of a structured and step-by-step guide or documentation around building a framework. The book is an attempt to bridge that gap and serve as a handheld guide to each tester who wants to build his or her own mobile test automation framework from scratch.

It is intended towards developers and testers who want to learn mobile app testing and automation using Appium. The book takes you through the journey of understanding Appium and slowly get you started with test automation ecosystem. Cucumber is one of the most promising technologies and rising in popularity due to wide adoption of Agile and Behavior Driven Development methodology. This book introduces you to the concept of Cucumber and how you can build your own testing framework in Cucumber and Appium from scratch. It contains example code snippets right from creating a sample project, write first Appium tests, evolving test framework, setting up Jenkins etc.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover Appium and how to set up an automation framework for mobile testing
  • Understand desired capabilities and learn to find element locators
  • Learn to automate gestures and synchronize tests using Appium
  • Take an incremental approach to implement page object pattern
  • Learn to run Appium tests on emulators or physical devices
  • Set up Jenkins to run mobile automation tests by easy to learn steps
  • Discover tips and tricks to record video of test execution, inter app automation concepts
  • Learn to run Appium tests in parallel on multiple devices simultaneously