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Category Archives: Test Methodologies

  • Make Your Chat Bots Prime Time Ready

    Reading Time: 12 minutesI.      Digital Disruption by Chat Bots Chatbots are basically intuitive programs with a user interface for conversing and interacting with other programs and humans alike. There are thousands of chatbots built in the last few years, of which the most …

    • 11/06/2018
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    • Posted by Vikas
  • All Roads Lead to Exploratory Testing

    Reading Time: 6 minutesAt the European Testing Conference (ETC) 2018, I was inspired to jot down a flowchart about my experience and thought processes from working with customers or teams who want to have manual test scripts executed. It reflects both my experience …

    • 15/05/2018
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    • Posted by Munish
  • GDPR- How it is Affecting the Data Analytics

    Reading Time: 2 minutesThe new law passed by the EU government, i.e., the General Data Protection Regulation commonly known as GDPR has transformed the way organisations are interacting with personal data, and therefore big data analytics. However more than that, it provides a …

    • 11/05/2018
    • Posted by Alisha
  • Test-Driven Development: Why It Can Help Make Your Software Cheaper

    Reading Time: 5 minutesSoftware development always requires a serious approach and a proper analysis of forthcoming development process matters a lot. Quality and good price are two main aspects that are important for the customer. And there are special methodologies that can help developers …

    • 25/04/2018
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    • Posted by Nataliia
  • Software Testing Quiz – Artificial Intelligence

    Reading Time: 1 minuteWe at EuroSTAR Huddle enjoy quizzes, treasure hunts and many other cool and interactive games. Today we decided to dig a little bit deeper into the world of Artificial Intelligence. How well do you know about it? Care to take …

    • 19/04/2018
    • one comment
    • Posted by Nicola
  • 5 Different Software Testing Methods

    Reading Time: 5 minutesThis post is part of a series on the Fundamentals of Software Testing. In this post, our author Alex explains the Software Testing Life Cycle . In the Software development life cycle, we use different types of testing methods to …

    • 09/04/2018
    • Posted by Alex
  • Introduction to Software Testing Life Cycle – Phases and Process

    Reading Time: 3 minutesThis post is part of a series on the Fundamentals of Software Testing. In this post, our author Alex explains the Software Testing Life Cycle . 1. What is Software Testing Life Cycle? Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) is described …

    • 26/03/2018
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    • Posted by Alex
  • 4 Levels of Software Testing & Advantages

    Reading Time: 5 minutesBefore release, any software product goes through various levels of testing to make sure that it is working properly. But, generally, software testing is divided into four levels and in this article, we will focus on the 4 main levels …

    • 12/03/2018
    • Posted by Alex
  • What is Software Testing? Introduction, Type & Importance

    Reading Time: 6 minutesThere are many ideas of what software testing is. This post will explain the basics of software testing and is an introduction to software testing in all its forms including some of the different types of testing and why testing …

    • 26/02/2018
    • Posted by Alex
  • Migration Testing – Common Issues Facing Moving Data

    Reading Time: 3 minutesMigration testing in software testing is a verification procedure of relocation of the inheritance framework to the new framework with negligible interruption/downtime, with data respectability and no loss of data, while guaranteeing that all the predefined non-functional and functional parts of …

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