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Category Archives: RisingSTAR

Updates from the Winner of the RisingSTAR Award

  • How winning the RisingSTAR Award has made a difference

    Video Transcript Hi, my name is Sanne Visser. I am the EuroSTAR RisingSTAR Award Winner 2018 and today I’m here to tell you what I have done since I’ve won the prize and what the developments are in my work …

  • Sanne Visser to Speak at EuroSTARConf 2019

     We are delighted to announce that as the Winner of the 2018 EuroSTAR RisingSTAR AWard, Sanne Visser will speak at the 2019 EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference in Prague, 11-14 Nov. Sanne will update the EuroSTAR delegates on her winning …

  • Blockchain & Bugs – Update from the RisingSTAR Winner

    I get annoyed every time I hear this: “It’s just like testing any other database, you don’t need a different approach for blockchain.” For the past year, I have heard testers and even quite a few blockchain testers say some …

  • 2018 RisingSTAR Award Idea Explained

    Sanne Visser explains her testing idea for the 2018 EuroSTAR RisingSTAR Award. Sanne won the inaugural RisingSTAR Award and will now go on to develop her Blockchain Framework with the help of the RisingSTAR Supporters – industry experts in the …

  • Blockchain Framework wins inaugural RisingSTAR Award

    The RisingSTAR Award, supported by EuroSTAR Conferences, James Lyndsay and Bart Knaack, was created to stimulate innovation and encourage new ideas in the software testing industry. The  RisingSTAR brings together many of the most influential testing minds as a supporting …

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