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Category Archives: Other

Everything that doesn’t fit neatly into our main categories that has to do with testing goes here.

  • ETL Testing: Testing in ETL and Data-Centric Projects

    Reading Time: 3 minutesTesting is an investigation process that is conducted to check the quality of the product. Product can either be an applications or data. The quality of the data can only be determined by checking data against some existing standards by …

    • 15/01/2018
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    • Posted by Torana
  • The Business Value of Gamification

    Reading Time: 8 minutesLet me start by defining Gamification: Gamification is changing something that already exists by integrating game design elements and principles to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty. Why Gamification? It is a proven and powerful strategy for engaging, influencing and motivating …

    • 28/12/2017
    • one comment
    • Posted by Indium
  • 11 Benefits of Cloud Software For Software Testing

    Reading Time: 3 minutesSoftware testing and manual QA testing has some interesting demands, which can cost quite a hefty amount when it comes to the infrastructure. It can also bleed into costs revolving around dedicated technology about information. These information technologies are used …

  • Testing in IoT: 5 must-have Testing Types for IoT Testing

    Reading Time: 4 minutesTesting in IoT with an IoT product requires a lot of innovative and out-of-the box thinking, due to the fact that the domain is still relatively new there are no established good practices when considering a test strategy. This article …

    • 28/08/2017
    • one comment
    • Posted by Hristo
  • Cloud Based Mobile Testing Tools

    Reading Time: 3 minutesThere are a number of Cloud Based Mobile Testing Tools out there for software testers. Mobile software testing services are offered by several giants. Experts know that how painful it can be to test an application in android ecosystem on myriad devices …

  • General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR And Testing

    Reading Time: 8 minutesOn 14th April 2016, the European Union parliament approved the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It will be enforced from 25th May 2018. EU regulations are binding legislative acts that apply in entirety across the EU. The full text is …

    • 17/07/2017
    • one comment
    • Posted by Ronan
  • NLP For Big Data: How Natural Language Processing is poised to revolutionise Big Data analytics?

    Reading Time: 3 minutesHow can Natural Language Processing (NLP) be applied to Big Data testing and analytics? In this post, we explore how to implement NLP for Big Data and the benefits of such a process. Rather than just a buzzword, and a …

    • 22/06/2017
    • no comments
    • Posted by Chirag
  • Operational Intelligence Software for Testing: How visualisation helps to learn the process flow

    Reading Time: 10 minutesDoes this look familiar to you? This screen may bring back memories, it may make you feel old or you may even think that this is ‘the command prompt’. To me it brings back memories (and makes me feel old). …

    • 26/07/2016
    • Posted by Albert
  • Unscripted Testing – Using Improvisation and Testing

    Reading Time: 4 minutesI have been into software testing for about 10 years now. And for about the same decade I have been playing improvisational theatre (impro). In this blog post I will share some thoughts about how unscripted testing and improvisation are …

    • 19/07/2016
    • no comments
    • Posted by Robert Strauch
  • Hacker Rewarded $15K by Facebook

    Reading Time: 1 minuteDo you like software testing? Do you like going on Facebook? Ever wondered what It would be like to make money from combining the two? That’s exactly what one savvy user has done. Anand Prakash, who works as a security …

    • 10/03/2016
    • no comments
    • Posted by Daragh
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