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Category Archives: Internet of Things

  • Best Tips for Improving Software Testing Communication

    Do you invest excessively energy sitting in meetings providing or getting team updates? Does your testing team get a huge amount of messages and assembles and conference welcomes? Does your team give a huge amount of detail to stakeholders, yet …

    • 25/10/2018
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    • Posted by Nicola
  • Rights Required for Bulk Edit Records in Excel Online within Dynamics 365 Online Customer Engagement

    You recently went live and users are happy with the solution. After few days you get a request from the user that they want to bulk update the records for one of the entities. You check the Security Roles assigned to …

    • 22/10/2018
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    • Posted by James
  • The Future of VR

    The definition of virtual reality comes from both ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. It is a combination of ‘virtual’ and the reality which we experience as human beings. So the term ‘virtual reality’ basically means ‘near-reality’. This so called near reality is a growing technology and …

    • 03/10/2018
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    • Posted by Nicola
  • Four Essential Elements in the IOT Software Testing

    The IoT is growing fast and is poised to have a big impact on just about every market all over the world. For organizations to prepare for and truly benefit from the potential of the internet of everything, they should …

    • 28/08/2018
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    • Posted by Nishtha
  • How to Build a Relevant Automation Strategy for Mobile Testing?

    Mobile application testing is an elaborate exercise that involves selection of right automated tools, frameworks, devices and simulators, as it is essential to meet the user expectations. Today, a mobile phone is not merely a tool for communication anymore, for …

    • 21/08/2018
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    • Posted by Komal
  • What Is IoT? Know the Basics and Its Future

    IoT stands for Internet of things. It refers to the billions of physical devices that connect to the internet for collecting and sharing data. Any physical device can be turned into part of IoT with the help of wireless networks …

    • 17/07/2018
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    • Posted by Syed Qasim
  • What Are the Penalties for Noncompliance with GDPR?

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25, 2018. From that date, any business or individual that collects or processes the data of EU residents can be fined for noncompliance with GDPR. There has been plenty …

    • 16/07/2018
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    • Posted by Daria
  • 10 Things to Consider When Testing Artificial Intelligence

    The world we live in has changed significantly, no doubt you that haven’t noticed. Data is available in larger volumes, from more sources and at a faster speed. Data is collected about your actions, in both the real and online world …

    • 22/05/2018
    • one comment
    • Posted by Adam
  • Key Benefits of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) over Responsive Web Apps (RWD)

    The market is clearly moving up regarding its digital transformation. It is now more than ever all about the end-user experience (UX), and about consuming content and receiving value from almost any digital channel that is out there (aka Omni …

    • 22/05/2018
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    • Posted by eran
  • Testing IoT – Taking the First Steps in Testing Internet of Things Devices

    IoT is no longer a buzz word. IoT is here and it will stay for a while. Most of the expectations for a growth rate of the IoT market in the last few years were not met due to a …

    • 07/06/2017
    • no comments
    • Posted by Hristo
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