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Category Archives: EuroSTAR Conferences

  • Can you Solve This Testing Problem?

    Now that I have your attention… We are seeking out Doctors to be our resident problem solvers at EuroSTAR 2017. Let me explain a bit more. The Test Clinic is a temporary hospital that is only found at EuroSTAR for …

    • 03/08/2017
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    • Posted by Ronan
  • EuroSTAR 2016: Community Reporter Review

    Simina was our Community Reporter at EuroSTAR 2016. Reporting for the Huddle community, Simina attended sessions, the Expo, Huddle Test Lab and more on your behalf. In her final post, she sums up her experience from the Conference in Stockholm. …

    • 30/11/2016
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    • Posted by Simina
  • From Crisis to Glory – Coping with Stress As A Software Tester

    From Crisis to Glory I was fortunate enough to get a speaking slot at EuroSTAR 2016. My talk was on my experiences with falling ill with stress. How I got back on my feet and what I do to take …

    • 25/11/2016
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    • Posted by Martin
  • “Reinvention” poll results

    At my talk at EuroSTAR titled “Reinventing Your Testing Role“, I took a live poll of the audience. Using Google Forms, I had whipped up a 10-question survey that showed results in real time: ————————— What title best describes your role? …

    • 24/11/2016
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    • Posted by Jon
  • TeamSTAR 2016 – Review of the Conference

    As a first-timer at the EuroSTAR Conference, we really enjoyed our three days. It was a big experience for all of us. We loved listening to presentations and participating in mind games as well as testing robots in Test Lab which …

    • 17/11/2016
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    • Posted by Daragh
  • TeamSTAR – Review of Thursday at EuroSTAR 2016

    The last day of the EuroSTAR Conference was most relaxing and comfortable day for us. Today’s topics were absolutely fantastic. Few of them caught our attention. All presentations and workshops were very interesting and inspiring but one of them was …

    • 11/11/2016
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    • Posted by Daragh
  • TeamSTAR – Review of Wednesday at EuroSTAR 2016

    Day No. 2 is behind us. Today was busy but more relaxing for all of us. It was really difficult to decide which presentations to attend. Since there was more than one inspiring presentation, we decided to split up and …

    • 10/11/2016
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    • Posted by Daragh
  • EuroSTAR 2016 Community Reporter highlight: my D’oh! moment

    During the debriefing of a test event we had earlier this year, one friend genuinely dropped that she had a D’oh! moment, rather than an A-ha! one. I was intrigued, I appreciated the word play, but is now that I …

    • 10/11/2016
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    • Posted by Simina
  • EuroSTAR 2016: Test Clinic Review

    Christin and Arpad were the Test Doctors on call for the EuroSTAR 2016 Test Clinic. The guys wish to thank a few people adter a very busy and exciting week.   Let me start by thanking everyone that stopped by …

    • 09/11/2016
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    • Posted by Christin
  • EuroSTAR 2016: Community reporter’s Thursday Review

    Here I am, last evening in Stockholm, a bit blue that the conference is over. Last conference day went by really quickly, with some talks in the first part and games in the afternoon. I joined Zeger Van Hese’s talk …

    • 06/11/2016
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    • Posted by Simina
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