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Category Archives: EuroSTAR Conferences

  • EuroSTAR 2017 Review – From Community Reporter Simina

    Attending testing conferences can be remarkable learning experiences. I said this last year, I’ll say it about EuroSTAR Conference 2017 too. This is Huddle Forum Reporter’s review, where I look at some needs I feel attending the conference helped me …

    • 23/11/2017
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    • Posted by Simina
  • EuroSTAR 2017 Review: Looking Back at EuroSTAR 2017

    It is been a week since EuroSTAR at the time I am writing this. I am still looking back at EuroSTAR 2017. A week in which I went to back to work and got back into my regular routine. I …

  • EuroSTAR 2017 Daily Review – Eye Openers On Thursday

    A nice benefit of a conference like EuroSTAR is that it provides you with one or more important eye openers. Things that seem common, that we take for granted and that we do not see until someone with a story …

  • EuroSTAR 2017 Review

    The EuroSTAR conference 2017 took place in Copenhagen. This year was the 25th edition, but for me it was the first time ever to be at this conference. Also it was even more exciting, because I had the opportunity to …

    • 09/11/2017
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    • Posted by Ronan
  • Wednesday Think Day – EuroSTAR 2017 Report

    Going to the second day of the conference is easier than going there the first day. You know how to get there … you have tested the route to Bella Centre and you roughly know what to expected. This day …

  • Magical EuroSTAR Start Tuesday

    This afternoon finally the conference part of Eurostar started. In anticipation of this I traveled a day earlier to Copenhagen to take the time to go sight seeing. I experienced a magic Copenhagen. The weather was lovely sunny, though the …

  • Eurostar 2017 Preview – Huddle Reporter: Magic at EuroSTAR

    We live and breathe technology in our daily modern lives. What is the importance of testing in this world of omnipresent technology? Among a crowd of testers there won’t be much doubt about the importance of testing, I guess. I …

  • Community Reporter Simina: EuroSTAR 2017 Preview

    Greetings from Cluj Napoca! I am Simina Rendler and I will be this year’s Huddle Forum Reporter. I’m happy to return to EuroSTAR with this role and share my experience of the conference with the testing community. I will write …

    • 05/11/2017
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    • Posted by Simina
  • Community Reporter Winner Announced

    We have gone through the entries and we have arrived at the winners of the Community Reporter Competition for 2017. Let me introduce the Huddle Forum reporter and the Huddle blogger for EuroSTAR 2017.   Huddle Forum Reporter Simina Rendler is …

    • 21/10/2017
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    • Posted by Ronan
  • Community Reporter at EuroSTAR 2017

    Want to be our eyes and ears at EuroSTAR 2017? We are looking for a community Reporter at EuroSTAR Conference this year. We want someone to share the experience of the Conference with our community. We want someone who can describe the experience, …

    • 06/10/2017
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    • Posted by Ronan
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