BlogSpy 220: Best of Testing Bloggers From This Last Week

Bringing you the latest from testing bloggers posts from the blogosphere. The Huddle Blogspy Report browse the most popular blogs on testing to bring you the best of software testing blog posts from the past week. This week we feature posts on business cases, collaboration, manual and automation working together and more.


Unconventional Wisdom V12: Business Case For Automated Testing | Robin F Goldsmith

Robin looks at the use of business case in software testing especially in the arguments made for moving to test automation. This post shares some of the common pitfalls that occur when creating business cases.

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My most challenging experience as a software developer | Jerry Weinberg

When Jerry was asked the question about his most challenging experience as a software developer, his answer, shared here, was about developing software for Project Mercury programme.

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Testers and Developers – Thoughts about Collaboration | Elisabeth Hocke 

Based on a recent survey of testers and developers, Elisabeth shares her thoughts on the survey, what answers she would give and what ideal collaboration would look like.

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Your technical skills are obsolete: now What? | Itamar Turner-Trauring

A post on the importance of technical skills and how quickly things can change. How should you be improving your skills and when and what should you be focusing on?

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Manual Testing and Automation: Better Together | Jess Ingrassellino

Jess shares his thoughts on how manual and automation testing working together can be of great benefit to any company. She looks at how both manual and automation can learn from each other.

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Headless Execution of WebDriver Tests – Chrome Browser | Anton Angelov

A guide from Anton on how to speed up your tests’ execution. Anton shares how to manage speeding up tests with the latest version of Headless Execution mode of Google Chrome.

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