Blogspy 167: Our Round-up of the best software testing blogs

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy, our round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the last week. This week: mobile testing mistakes to avoid, mob exploratory testing, vital skill of a software tester and more.


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Exploring Testing Titles in Agile – Kate Falanga

In a very interesting read, Kate delves into the role of the tester in the Agile environment and why they should get involved as soon as budget may or may not allow.

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What is ‘scenario centric’ application testing? – Adrian Bridgwater

Havent heard of scenario centric’ application testing? Let Adrian explain the concept and why it’s becoming increasingly popular for mobile app testers.

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Trending: Shift-Left – Jesper Ottosen

Jesper discusses the idea of Shift-Left, when testing moves closer to development, where it happens and what it means for testing.

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6 Mistakes to Avoid as A Mobile App Tester – Ely Hechtel

Speaking of mobile testing, here are some six suggestions to avoid as a mobile app tester.

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Details into Mob Exploratory Testing – Maaret Pyhäjärvi

In a blog post, Maaret explains why she enjoys exploratory testing so much and how working with a “mob” can benefit the experience.

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TIME 1 – Time under definition – Mike Talks

A philosophical post from Mike on a simple concept he wants you to define: time

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My brother, the Tester – Jon Bach

Jon Bach discusses his brother James, his reputation as well the arguments and debates in software testing as a whole.

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The most vital skill for a software tester to have is? – 

So what do you think. What is the most vital skill for a software tester?

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