Blogspy 149: Our Round-up of the best software testing blog posts from the blogosphere

Welcome to this week’s Blog Spy. This week’s best of the internet discussions on testing include testing careers, automation, cost of shipping bugs and more.


Automation or manual testing – Viktor Slavchev

Viktor presents the first question he has received via the mentoring he offers as part of his blog. He discusses the ago old question of how to stitch to automation testing.

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Career Paths For Testers – Connor Roberts

Connor explains how at his company there are two streams for software testers and how this system works for those in it.

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What’s the Cost Of Shipping Bugs? – Amy Phillips

Amy addresses this “tiny question” with her own experience of “Continuous Deployment” at Songkick

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The Inquiry Method for Test Planning – Anthony Vallone

In this blog post, Anthony examines the difference between a test plan and a test strategy and describes various aspects like risk, process and utility that have to be taken into account when developing a test plan.

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Leave the testing to the experts! – Anne-Marie Charrett

Anne-Marie makes the argument that if you are not a tester, you should not be telling other how to test!

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s/automation/programming/ – Michael Bolton

Michael share his views on automation, their value to testing and considers that even good programmes for tests are subject to errors.

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How To……Select Elements In Selenium WebDriver Scripts – Alex Siminiuc

In the first of the TEST Huddle new How To series kicking off with Selenium, Alex guides you through selecting elements in your Webdriver scripts.

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Should all testers have OCD? – Maayan

Maayan looks at the links between the characteristics needed to be a good tester and the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder and how they might relate to each other.

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