[eBook] Agile Testing – How to Succeed in an Extreme Test Environment

This eBook, edited specifically for the EuroSTAR Software Testing Community, provides a series of extracts from my successful book on “Agile Testing” published by Cambridge University Press.

Based on more than 30 case studies provided by numerous testing gurus and industry figures (such as Tom Gilb, Geoff Thompson, and Isabel Evans), the book distils out some 50 real world agile best practices that are being used to drive the success of numerous real world testing projects. Although not included in this extract, the original book also highlights those agile practices that do not appear to deliver benefits, as well as those whose use on projects should be strongly challenged!

Given the size constraints of this eBook format, it would be impossible to do justice to all of the agile best practices covered in the original book, and so I have focussed on a sub-set of practices that you might use in your own projects – those of Agile Communications.

I also include Chapter 1 of my book to give you information on the structure, content and intent of the original book, and its relevance to all those quality folk who face the challenges of Agile Testing; I very much hope you find the material to be interesting and of value to you.

John holds Masters Degrees in both Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology, has over 30 years experience in the field of software development, with some 25 years in the field of software testing, is a Chartered IT Professional, and a Fellow of the British Computer Society. During his career as a testing professional, John has been involved at all levels and phases of testing, and has provided high level test process consultancy, training and mentoring to numerous Blue Chip Companies. John currently works for IBM UK’s Software Group.